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Binati Sheth
A writer, a reader and a thinker who writes on her website

A much-needed discussion to foster gratitude for the planet that sustains us in every way possible.

Ted circles is a theme based monthly activity which focuses on impactful, meaningful conversations among people in all walks of life. For this circle, four people gathered to discuss the topic to ensure they are not mere spectators but parts of the conversation.

The event was held on 16th April 2021 at 3:00PM (IST). The agenda on the docket was ‘ Appreciating Earth.’ All the contributors were committed to discussing nature and earth honestly. The host of the event, Preeti Chaudhary invited Cpt. …

Why citizen journalism doesn’t always help; it hurts instead.

A image containing the crux of the article which free speech and citizen journalism need some accountability.
A image containing the crux of the article which free speech and citizen journalism need some accountability.
They aren’t one and the same; graphic credit: me

Disclaimer: I do not follow trends. This is an exception.

The online version of ‘Free Speech’ is misunderstood. Even offline, the ‘Freedom of Speech’ or ‘Freedom to Express’ has exceptions (which turn into prosecutable criminal offenses when violated).

Realistically, you are on a platform, you don’t own, after agreeing to a User Agreement, which has a comprehensive list of Dos and Don’ts.

LinkedIn has one as well. It’s a contract you activate with the company when you click ‘I Agree’. They haven’t kept you in the dark. They also update you via email whenever they amend any clause within the…

Lots of questions, lots of answers.

Title cover

I did two writing AMAs.

As promised in the AMAs, the answers were officially delivered.

I sound like someone who swallowed a sandpaper which occasionally chooses to move through my throat, as evidenced by my cracking voice…but I blame my allergies for that.

I also seem like a pretentious writer who has written a million bestsellers, but that’s just an illusion. I am just a young writer who’s learning things as I wade through the complex world of writing.

There are sixteen writing questions and sixteen writing answers.

If you don’t want to listen…

…that won’t quiet down.

Story image

In the midst of a dark night, a voice whispered in Joan’s head, “Help them, serve them!”

She jolted awake.

“Who was that?”

“What are it trying to say?”

Shuddering in the dark, young Jeanne d’Arc told her mother about the voice that talked to her at night.

“Shush Joan, nice girls don’t hear voices in the night. Remember the good lord and go back to sleep.”

The visions didn’t go away.

Joan got visions of angels telling her to serve mankind. As far as she could remember, she always had these visions.

A faint, ashy…

…because a catastrophic event has happened and we need to deal with it.

This image is the blog title image which says, “Learn To Deal With Our New Reality.”
This image is the blog title image which says, “Learn To Deal With Our New Reality.”
Blog Title Image

It has happened; that worst-case scenario we often hear about. I can be a blind optimist and tell you that things will be back to normal, soon. But I don’t do that. I don’t want to pander to the predominant narrative. I don’t want to be that liar who lies just to make people feel better.

Most of us are currently locked into our permanent or temporary homes. Most of us are stuck indoors without our families and our support systems. Luckily though, almost all of us…

… and maybe encourage the children in your life to do the same.

An image of the cover page.
An image of the cover page.
Action inspires action

Originally published on Thrive Global.

As a kid, I always wanted to get cards. Just a note would have done it. I just wanted to receive something in the mail. Whenever Maniben, our township’s postwoman, used to park her bicycle outside my apartment building, I would always wait for that knock on the door. Whenever those knocks came, they were generally mailed bills which weren’t really my problem because I was a kid! Nobody ever sent any letters. I used to make cards for friends and family members. I used to give these cards out with an added expectation of…

A rant about how the debate around climate change ignores practicality.

An image about how the climate changes all the time — it’s like an article title of sorts.
An image about how the climate changes all the time — it’s like an article title of sorts.
Article cover image about how the climate changes — never this rapidly though!

The climate is changing. I am not interpreting observations and facts to fit the narrative. The climate really is changing. It’s a change that has happened over the course of Earth’s 4.5-billion-year history. In fact, the first mass extinction that our planet saw was the rapid spread of cyanobacteria which reduced atmospheric carbon dioxide and released the first free oxygen molecules into our atmosphere. Our hot, boiling planet of the distant past experienced global cooling and an oxygen-enriched air, which essentially paved the path to life, as we know it. Climate change happens, it always has, it always will. Nature…

The banner for the article — A writing tip that always works.
The banner for the article — A writing tip that always works.
Title graphic by Binati Sheth

I am one of those annoying writers who’ll tell you that writer’s block doesn’t exist. I truly believe that it doesn’t exist and I’ll tell you why in this article.

I don’t have the habit of beating around the bush so here I go — A writing tip that always works is to have something to say.

It’s really that simple. So, get your blank canvas and start painting with me.

The difficult bit is having something to say. That’s where data steps in as the proverbial knight in shining armor.

How does data give you a voice?

Data runs the world. It always has. In my…

An image about a happy girl dancing
An image about a happy girl dancing
Photo by Austin Schmid on Unsplash

The world seems to be a terrible place to live in right now. Every place we look, we see vitriol. Everything that seems right seems to go wrong. We feel overwhelming self-pity about existing today.

Why do we feel like this?

Well, we live in an absurdly optimistic world. Everything is bright and shiny. Everything gleams with the lacquer of infinite possibilities. Most of it is businesses and self-help coaches trying to sell us things using cheerfulness and optimism to heighten our expectations. …

Image from wilhei on Pixabay

The ability to communicate precisely is why homo sapiens survived for so long against all odds. If you are someone who wishes to understand something about a culture different from yours, learning a language foreign to yours is the easiest thing you could do. You may also have your own reasons to learn a foreign language.

Whatever your reasons are, here are ten nifty tips you can use to learn any foreign language.

1. Stick to a method you are comfortable with.

If you are planning to learn a new language, know what learning technique suits you best. Personally, I…

Binati Sheth

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